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Barbie movies. I loved them as a kid, but when I went to rewatch them last year...it felt really, really painful from all the times I was cringing. I didn't really watch Disney Renaissance back then; or more like, I watched some of them but didn't remember I did? Either way, I still love (most of) them till this very moment. Oh, and Anastasia, too.
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Most of the times, I do something until I am tired before going to sleep--be it browsing random stuff on the internet or reading fiction. Or non-fiction. Reading can be a little troublesome, though, for if the material's interesting, I will continue reading it until my brain decides to give up--meanwhile, if it is boring, I will get annoyed and look for a better material. Oftentimes I find myself falling asleep reading.

Prior to moving to the dorm, I used to exhaust myself by singing random songs loudly in my room. One of the things I miss the most of my old room!

Warm tea helps sometimes, other times it just keeps me more alert.

Lastly, just laying down, closing my eyes and spacing off works just as well. Sometimes. When this last resort fails, I just curse up and down the alley inside my own head like Prussia on a drinking match with England and wonder why the hell myself won't shut up and gimme my damn sleep. Heh.

Does listening to Hetalia's Counting Sheep series work? Uhh. I can't answer that myself...
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For some odd reasons, I often find myself doodling G-clefs or criss-cross patterns. I also often consciously doodle Pikachu heads, random 3D objects and typographic letters.

What does it say about me? You tell me.
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...What to write?
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Setting the badly-written fanfics aside, I love fanfictions, mostly because they deal with corners that the original writer never had the chance to explore, usually about the fates of characters who rarely got into the spotlight. After I finish a work of fiction which I like, I look about for fanfictions about it because I strive to read more about the characters I've come to love, or even get to love the characters I never noticed, and there's always enough to satisfy my needs. Moreover, fanfictions are created by fellow fans of the fandom, thus you would feel the love of the community, however cliched it may sound.
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Just realised I haven't posted a public entry since...August last year. That's...20 entries ago. -w-" So here goes.

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I'm a fairly conventional person; thus, I'm not really into changes...except my height (or lack thereof), sigh. Here are some things I really prefer not to change.

My family and friends, obviously. In that aspect, I wish time would just stop. :D

The second is--quite frankly--high school. Not the busy-wheezy high school days I'm currently suffering, but the breezy second year. One of the things I'm gonna regret for the rest of my life is that I didn't quite enjoy my high school days, the so-called peak of youth. Before I knew it, I have only a few months left of it. Everything's moving too fast to my liking, and I hate it.

The last are my Pikadolls. I wish they would never bow before the might of Time, LOL. XD


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