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For some odd reasons, I often find myself doodling G-clefs or criss-cross patterns. I also often consciously doodle Pikachu heads, random 3D objects and typographic letters.

What does it say about me? You tell me.
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So, today's my first day in the 11th grade, to be exact, in XI Nat. Science 1. WOOT, can't believe I'm now an 11th grader already! *_*

Of 31 students in our class, including me, there are 5 students from my old class. The number of students from other classes that I know is only 2! -_-" Well, I hope I'll be able to make a lot of new friends soon! :)

Today, of course we didn't have any real class. The only activities are introducing ourselves to the teachers (old and new, normal and crazy!) and such. Tomorrow we'll start the studies, tho' T.T

Well, a few days ago, I started the torrent download of L Change the WorLd DVD. Currently, the progress is 18.8%, 0.2kb/s -_-" This afternoon, my friend told me that he has bought the DVD a few weeks ago! Hell, yeah, he should've told me earlier! -_-"

Off to bed now. Hope I'll be okay tomorrow~


Jul. 4th, 2008 09:51 pm
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Yesterday I missed Code Blue (My KeyHole TV didn't get FujiTV!).

Today I missed Maou!! ;_;

Damn, I've been looking forward for those doramas since weeks!

Hope the subs are coming soon TwT

Btw, tomorrow finally my family's going out for a holiday! To the mountains (does it sound weird in English? XD). To be exact (Jakartans should know), to Puncak~ Better than nothing~ ♪ I think Your Seed PV should've been up by the time I return on 7th TwT And on 8th we're going to Yogyakarta ♥ Finally I'm not spending my holiday by only staying at home, I'm touched~! TwT
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I'm still a newbie here, so I'm gonna introduce myself!

So... Hi there! I'm known in some forums (Littlix!) as chclt. Though, the name 'pokexpress' kinda comes from 'Pokemon' and 'J. J. Express' (I don't even understand why I picked this name X(). I'm 15 going on 16. Currently studying in a high school in Jakarta, Indonesia, 10th grade.

I'm a fan of Chinen Yuuri since September 14th, 2007. Therefore, I'm still pretty new to the fandom. But I always try my best to love the Jimusho~ ;) Unfortunately enough, my school doesn't seem to like seeing the students being out of work, ne~ :(

I'm also a regular stalker of Kamichan's blog and some other sites to keep in track of the fandom.

Anyways, I just read orange-michryu's entry about the JUMP concert an 6th. I really want to go see it~! If only I had enough money to afford a ticket to Japan + the concert...:'(

Well, I think that's all for my intros. So, go ahead, add me! :D


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