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2020-04-08 05:15 pm
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Don't worry, the Pika on your right does not bite. 'Cept when he's hungry?

Friends Only

Journal mainly keeps my ranting about life and fangirling so...well. Please do message me if you know me from somewhere and would like to be LJ-buddies, though.
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2011-01-29 03:03 pm
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Writer's Block: Not again

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Barbie movies. I loved them as a kid, but when I went to rewatch them last year...it felt really, really painful from all the times I was cringing. I didn't really watch Disney Renaissance back then; or more like, I watched some of them but didn't remember I did? Either way, I still love (most of) them till this very moment. Oh, and Anastasia, too.
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2010-12-09 10:58 pm
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There will be an answer, let it be~♪

My first exams in college start tomorrow.

/brbdying orz.
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2010-11-07 01:24 am
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Writer's Block: So much for counting sheep

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Most of the times, I do something until I am tired before going to sleep--be it browsing random stuff on the internet or reading fiction. Or non-fiction. Reading can be a little troublesome, though, for if the material's interesting, I will continue reading it until my brain decides to give up--meanwhile, if it is boring, I will get annoyed and look for a better material. Oftentimes I find myself falling asleep reading.

Prior to moving to the dorm, I used to exhaust myself by singing random songs loudly in my room. One of the things I miss the most of my old room!

Warm tea helps sometimes, other times it just keeps me more alert.

Lastly, just laying down, closing my eyes and spacing off works just as well. Sometimes. When this last resort fails, I just curse up and down the alley inside my own head like Prussia on a drinking match with England and wonder why the hell myself won't shut up and gimme my damn sleep. Heh.

Does listening to Hetalia's Counting Sheep series work? Uhh. I can't answer that myself...
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2010-10-14 02:04 am
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Writer's Block: Cheese doodle?

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For some odd reasons, I often find myself doodling G-clefs or criss-cross patterns. I also often consciously doodle Pikachu heads, random 3D objects and typographic letters.

What does it say about me? You tell me.
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2010-05-14 09:01 pm
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Writer's Block: Mind reader

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...What to write?
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2010-05-13 07:53 pm
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Writer's Block: Sheldon and Penny 4ever!

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Setting the badly-written fanfics aside, I love fanfictions, mostly because they deal with corners that the original writer never had the chance to explore, usually about the fates of characters who rarely got into the spotlight. After I finish a work of fiction which I like, I look about for fanfictions about it because I strive to read more about the characters I've come to love, or even get to love the characters I never noticed, and there's always enough to satisfy my needs. Moreover, fanfictions are created by fellow fans of the fandom, thus you would feel the love of the community, however cliched it may sound.
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2010-03-22 02:13 pm
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(no subject)

Today, for the first time in my life, the class went quiet when I said "ssshhhh". I felt accomplished.
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2010-03-20 04:52 pm
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call me depressed, call me crazy, call me out of my mind

H  E  R  E    G  O  E  S

n  o
t   h   i   n   g
g         o        e         s

h              e             r             e

"...depressed much, me?"

"You bet."
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2010-01-15 05:44 pm
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Writer's Block: Time may change me ...

Just realised I haven't posted a public entry since...August last year. That's...20 entries ago. -w-" So here goes.

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I'm a fairly conventional person; thus, I'm not really into changes...except my height (or lack thereof), sigh. Here are some things I really prefer not to change.

My family and friends, obviously. In that aspect, I wish time would just stop. :D

The second is--quite frankly--high school. Not the busy-wheezy high school days I'm currently suffering, but the breezy second year. One of the things I'm gonna regret for the rest of my life is that I didn't quite enjoy my high school days, the so-called peak of youth. Before I knew it, I have only a few months left of it. Everything's moving too fast to my liking, and I hate it.

The last are my Pikadolls. I wish they would never bow before the might of Time, LOL. XD
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2009-08-17 08:03 pm
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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Birthday to our beloved country,

Indonesia! :D

Wish all the best for the country and the citizens! ;)

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2009-04-08 09:29 pm
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Created on 2008-04-08 09:41:00 (#15329956)

...Wow. Been a year already.

Well, Happy Birthday to this very journal! *toasts with self*
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2008-07-22 10:06 pm
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Chupa Chups!

Yesterday, we had an academic year starting flag ceremony, and also to celebrate the birthday of our school's company main foundation. As usual, there was a speech from the head-of-headmaster-whatever, talking about it and blahblahblah. I was bored out, so I counted the length of the speech. 4.5 mins. Wow. o.O

Later, the 11th and 12th graders were told to yell "Welcome to this school, our juniors!". Later, I found out that some seniors yelled "Welcome to the hell!" instead XD Are they trying to pimp down the kids' juniors' mental or something!? LOL

In Bahasa Indonesia subject, we had to make a group of several girls and guys and name up that team. I got teamed up with 2 guys (who are loud and annoying! -_-") and 3 girls. I desperately suggested various names, from "Seed" (don't ask XD), "WISH", etc. until random F1 teams while those guys keep on suggesting the names of some local music names (which I *ahem*, dislike). Then, one of them jokingly said, "How about Chupa Chups?" The girls quickly grabbed that idea, and those guys desperately tried to stop 'em ^^ And Chupa Chups ended up being our team's name. LOL

Today is such a booooriiing day~~ Nothing interesting, aside from our crazy-as-hell physics teacher. Heck. I gladly declare that I have no life now ~.~

School has just started, though, some teachers (Chemistry!! Physics!!) seem to be thinking that we're nearing to the national exams or something, for they've unforgivingly assigned us mountains of homeworks already o.o
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2008-07-22 09:59 pm
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(no subject)

You can tell that I'm bored -_- Decided to steal this from [livejournal.com profile] brosiscomplex.

(L Change) the WorLd? XD )

P.S.: Nowadays, tarot cards always remind me of Maou o.o
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2008-07-19 09:57 pm
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Johnnys' and MatsuKen

I'm still waiting for my download of yesterday's HSJ in Music Station and Your Seed PV Making to finish =x The latter one is through Clubbox, I'd bear with it -_-"

Yesterday I finally watched the L Change the WorLd DVD I borrowed from my friend (totally can't stand torrent! -_-")! OMG!!!!! Matsuyama Ken'ichi is toooooooo good!! Good-looking! Cool! Genius actor! He's sooooo the best!! ♥♥♥ (forget any Johnny's you might think of right now! XD)
Here, have a some MatsuKen! :D
ILU Matsuken!! *flails*
I wanna be that girl right now!!
*off to the Johnnys' fandom again* Wait, the world has so many cool guys so why stick with only one fandom? For instance, I found 2 new ones from F1: Nakajima Kazuki and Sebastian Vettel! LOL :D
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2008-07-17 09:33 pm
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Debut album meme~

Meme, stolen from [livejournal.com profile] arylonne :)

Your debut album! )

I had enough fun with this meme~XD People, do it too~! :)
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2008-07-14 09:03 pm
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First day in the 11th grade! Meow~ (,,- w -,,)

So, today's my first day in the 11th grade, to be exact, in XI Nat. Science 1. WOOT, can't believe I'm now an 11th grader already! *_*

Of 31 students in our class, including me, there are 5 students from my old class. The number of students from other classes that I know is only 2! -_-" Well, I hope I'll be able to make a lot of new friends soon! :)

Today, of course we didn't have any real class. The only activities are introducing ourselves to the teachers (old and new, normal and crazy!) and such. Tomorrow we'll start the studies, tho' T.T

Well, a few days ago, I started the torrent download of L Change the WorLd DVD. Currently, the progress is 18.8%, 0.2kb/s -_-" This afternoon, my friend told me that he has bought the DVD a few weeks ago! Hell, yeah, he should've told me earlier! -_-"

Off to bed now. Hope I'll be okay tomorrow~
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2008-07-13 10:55 pm
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(The Phantom of the) Opera

Today, my copy of Opera was being slutty, resulting a lag on my system -_-"

So, I finally decided to upgrade to Opera 9.51 (I used 9.27 previously). I went O_O when I saw the screen! -_-" Now I have to adapt to this display, nay...T.T Or should I go back to Firefox?

Aside from Opera, my network connection was being sluttier. It disconnected about thrice today! My d/l of YOUR SEED PV was corrupted when it was at 80% T.T Luckily, it's now back as usual, and the d/l speed is higher than before! (Perhaps the ISP's feeling guilty? :p)

Well, about the PV... I like the background, the dance, the boys and the dance, full stop. I dislike the editing -_- I hope they'll include the dance version only in the DVD.

Nay, holiday's over. Tomorrow's school. Gotta sleep earlier today. Goodbye, freedom! TwT
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2008-07-13 12:18 am
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Just finished watching the 1st episode of Maou :) Now I could understand Chinen's admiration (but not his obsession towards Ohno a little bit! (Ohno used to freak me out so much when I was still new into the JE fandom -_-") Hell yeah, he was definately devillish! Toma's cool as usual ♥

Take a little look! :)

That evil smirk! *dies* *o*

People, you should watch it too, hehe^^

P.S.: Seems like sooner or later I'll declare myself as a fangirl of Ohno XD Yeah, one step closer to Chinen! XD I'm still waiting for my Code Blue and L Change the WorLd torrents to finish TwT Good thing Buiikikaesu Album has been finished! I'll listen it sometime soon, since I really like Maximum the Hormone, too! XD

Edit: Just got off my laziness and done editing my profile page. Please check itout if you feel like it :D Now it's longer and (supposedly?) better! ^^
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2008-07-11 08:31 pm
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Because KHTV sucks!

I originally planned to watch today's Music Station, but my copy of KeyHole TV was being bitchy all over!

Well, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kamichan_ya3's speed streaming, I'm able to watch it. Grabing it off with Orbit :X

Btw, today is Shige's birthday. Happy birthday Shige~, good luck in your career and all! I hope you'll get over your cat-phobia soon so you could own a real cat instead of an imaginary one~♪ XD