Jul. 13th, 2008


Jul. 13th, 2008 12:18 am
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Just finished watching the 1st episode of Maou :) Now I could understand Chinen's admiration (but not his obsession towards Ohno a little bit! (Ohno used to freak me out so much when I was still new into the JE fandom -_-") Hell yeah, he was definately devillish! Toma's cool as usual ♥

Take a little look! :)

That evil smirk! *dies* *o*

People, you should watch it too, hehe^^

P.S.: Seems like sooner or later I'll declare myself as a fangirl of Ohno XD Yeah, one step closer to Chinen! XD I'm still waiting for my Code Blue and L Change the WorLd torrents to finish TwT Good thing Buiikikaesu Album has been finished! I'll listen it sometime soon, since I really like Maximum the Hormone, too! XD

Edit: Just got off my laziness and done editing my profile page. Please check itout if you feel like it :D Now it's longer and (supposedly?) better! ^^
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Today, my copy of Opera was being slutty, resulting a lag on my system -_-"

So, I finally decided to upgrade to Opera 9.51 (I used 9.27 previously). I went O_O when I saw the screen! -_-" Now I have to adapt to this display, nay...T.T Or should I go back to Firefox?

Aside from Opera, my network connection was being sluttier. It disconnected about thrice today! My d/l of YOUR SEED PV was corrupted when it was at 80% T.T Luckily, it's now back as usual, and the d/l speed is higher than before! (Perhaps the ISP's feeling guilty? :p)

Well, about the PV... I like the background, the dance, the boys and the dance, full stop. I dislike the editing -_- I hope they'll include the dance version only in the DVD.

Nay, holiday's over. Tomorrow's school. Gotta sleep earlier today. Goodbye, freedom! TwT


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